Trinity uses the nationally recognized Frog Street Curriculum for all of our classrooms! 


Toddlers (1’s & 2’s) – “Nurturing Curiosity Through Exploration” 

The teachers utilize a weekly theme-based curriculum through the teachings of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. Children are encouraged to explore, think and play in the developmentally appropriate practices within the classroom.  


Preschool (3’s) – “Expanding Wonder and New Horizons” 

The teachers utilize a weekly theme-based curriculum but are now focused on taking the beginning steps towards kindergarten readiness. The children will continue learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes, they will begin handwriting, literacy, and early math concepts.  


Pre-K (4’s & 5’s) – “Celebrating the Joy of Learning” 

The teachers will continue utilizing a weekly theme-based curriculum but will take further steps to expand their knowledge and understanding on the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, handwriting, literacy, and math. This will ensure that your child is prepared for their educational success within a private/public school.  



We utilize the ‘Elevate Jr.’ Bible curriculum that offers the creative teaching through animated Bible stories, whimsical characters, and worship music that are designed for preschool ages.  


Pull-Out Classes: Every week, your child will get to experience a pull-out class that will enhance their development in other aspects. Below are the pull-out classes that are taught by one of our TPP teachers: 

Mondays – Science  

Tuesdays – Chapel  

Wednesdays – P.E. 

Thursdays – Spanish  

Friday – Yoga (taught by an instructor)